Magic Moisturizer - 2 oz

Magic Moisturizer - 2 oz


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All-natural plant-oils + beeswax = magic for your skin.

Magic Moisturizer can be applied all over the face and body to nourish and hydrate the skin.


Organic Raw Cacao Butter - antioxidant powerhouse that contributes the most heavenly scent and velvety texture

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that helps support the skin’s moisture barrier

Beeswax - an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, amazing at locking in moisture

Organic Olive Oil - another antioxidant goldmine that moisturizes and protects skin from free radical damage

Organic Jojoba Oil - an all-star plant oil that’s like the long-lost twin of our skin’s sebum (the natural oil produced by our skin)

Organic Calendula Oil - another skincare superstar with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and hydrating properties

Organic Vitamin E Oil - a skincare darling that helps prevent premature skin aging and minimize hyper-pigmentation, also helps prolong the life of this moisturizer

Organic Rosehip Oil - another cure-all plant oil that is said to help reduce the appearance of scars

Distilled Water - is necessary for keeping this moisturizer light and achieving the dreamy, whipped texture

Blood Orange Essential Oil - smells like happiness, aids skin elasticity, helps prolong the life of the moisturizer, along with all the other essential oils included

Italian Lemon Essential Oil - has powerful cleansing properties, is said to shrink the appearance of pores, and smells like sunshine

Lavender Essential Oil - universally loved, aids relaxation and healing of scars

Carrot Seed Essential Oil - skin loves this oil for its balancing, softening and blemish-defying properties

Clary Sage Essential Oil - a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps balance the production of natural oils in the skin


Apply to face and/or body, anywhere, any time of day. Ideally, let absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup or putting on clothes. Magic Moisturizer is perfect for gua sha or other facial massage, which also aids absorption. A little goes a long way. Can also be used as a makeup remover, cuticle cream, can be applied to ends of hair to help moisturize and avoid split ends.


Keep airtight and in a cool, dark place up to 2 months or refrigerated for up to 6 months. The shelf life is reflective of the purity of the ingredients. The moisturizer hardens when refrigerated and softens in warmer temperatures. MM comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, which can be re-used or recycled.

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